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WorkshopA.J. Juliani: Student-Centered Classrooms
DepartmentESU 10 - T&L
Default ContactCrystal Hurt
Default LocationESU 10 Kearney NE
DescriptionA.J. Juliani is the Director of Learning and Innovation for a public school district and the author of books centered around student-agency, choice, inquiry, and engagement including Empower, Launch, and The PBL Playbook. He studies people, schools, companies, and organizations from around the world to analyze how they can learn in deeper and more powerful ways. He believes we need to be intentional about innovation in order to create a better future of learning.

A.J. will set the stage for creating student-centered classrooms via innovative practices, technology and choice. Hands-on and immersive, A.J. will provide participants with real world examples of what innovation can look like in the classroom and why it is essential for our next generation of learners.


AudienceK-12 Teachers, Administrators, and Technology Integrationists
AQuESTT tenet - Educational Opportunities & Access  AQuESTT tenet - Educator Effectiveness
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