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WorkshopWorkshopEmpower Hour: Session 2: Building Quality Programming for 18+ (3 part series)
DepartmentDepartmentESU 10 - SPED
Default ContactDefault ContactBlair Ryan
Default LocationVideo Conference
DescriptionPresenters: Blair Hartman and Michalla Schartz

Part 1: Wednesday October 11th– Planning for programming for students who will continue school past their four year cohort can feel overwhelming. Starting the conversation early with the IEP team, utilizing data to draft courses of study, and knowing how to assess student needs can help make the transition smoother.
Part 2 Wednesday November 1st– Building content and schedules for students who are returning to school after their 4 year cohort can and should look differently than a typical 8:00-3:00 school day. Outlining a detailed course of study, with accurate learning objectives, and resources to continue to gather data and document progress helps us to create programming that is individualized based on student needs and to reframe our mindset of what the educational day may look like for students. 

Part 3: Wednesday December 6th– The rest of the IEP: writing annual goals, calculating minutes, and documenting related service providers is still an important part of 18+ programming. 

ZOOM: https://esu10-org.zoom.us/my/blairhartman.esu10 (recording will be provided to registrants after event)


AudienceAudience: Educators, Teachers, Counselors and Transition Specialists that will help students with work based learning experiences.