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WorkshopWorkshopAcademic Literacy Project 2.0 Day 4 (YEAR 2 SERIES)
DepartmentDepartmentESU 10 - T&L
Default ContactDefault ContactSarah Essay
Default LocationESU 10 Kearney NE - Conference Room B - North Wing  (click here for building map)
DescriptionThis is the first of two days for Year 2 Academic Literacy Project (ALP). Please make sure you have attended Year 1 ALP in a previous year before registering for this workshop.
You may also register for Day 5 in January.

October 18, 2023: Day 4, Beyond the Basics in ALP
January 24, 2024: Day 5, Infusing ALP in Planning & Practice

Established in 2011 and revitalized in 2020, the Academic Literacy Project (ALP) seeks to help teachers in all content areas in grades 4-12 utilize evidence-based, highly effective strategies to increase engagement, vocabulary, comprehension, and discussion strategies in their classrooms. Teachers will walk away from each training with strategies they can integrate into their classes immediately to make a difference in improving literacy instruction.

Who might want to attend Year 2 Training:

    -Participants who have taken Year 1 Academic Literacy Project training in the last three years
    -Administrators with participants in Year 1 or Year 2 Academic Literacy Project training
    -Participants who want to learn more about Universal Design for Learning and its role in engagement and comprehension
    -Participants who want to know how ALP fits in HQIM and curriculum

In this interactive Day 4 training, participants will review ALP strategies from Year 1 and examine how the strategies fit into Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Even more discussion strategies will be explored in Day 4 along with strategies for increasing writing to promote learning across all content areas.

This workshop is focused on providing strategies for teachers in grades 4-12; however, teachers in grades K-3 may attend with the understanding that individual teacher problem-solving will be required to make the strategies effective in the younger grades. For specific reading strategies for younger grades including how to teach students to read, teachers in grades K-3 are encouraged to attend LETRS trainings, which teachers may register for in the spring by contacting their administrator and ESU 10 LETRS facilitators.

PrerequisitesPrerequisites: Attendance in Days 1-3 of ALP
AudienceAudience: 4-12 Teachers
Materials RequiredMaterials Required: None
AQuESTT Tenet - Educator Effectiveness