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WorkshopWorkshopSchool Mental Health Summit
DepartmentDepartmentESU 10 - SPED
Default ContactDefault ContactDenise Neill
Default LocationESU 10 Kearney NE
DescriptionThe School Mental Health Summit is intended to support district teams in developing a comprehensive school mental health framework that aligns to the work being done through the district’s continuous improvement process and the MTSS framework. The three days of the SMH Summit will consist of modules that align with the national performance domains and indicators of comprehensive school mental health system quality. All domains and indicators are part of the National School Mental Health Quality Assessment (SMH-QA), which will be completed by teams during the training. The SMH-QA provides district and school teams a framework for assessing the quality of their school mental health system and engaging in strategic quality improvement. The SMH-QA will be accessed through the  School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation (SHAPE) System (www.theSHAPEsystem.com). SHAPE is a public-access, web-based platform that offers schools, districts, and states a workspace and targeted resources to support school mental health quality improvement. 

At the end of Day 3, teams will have the opportunity to develop an Action Plan to increase the continuum of school-based and mental health services available to students at the district. The Nebraska Department of Education will provide financial support on a one-time basis to districts/schools who participate in the ESU 10 School Mental Health Summit. Upon approval of the Action Plan to ESU 10 and NDE School Mental Health Team, NDE will allocate funds needed for the district/school. ESU 10 will continue to provide technical assistance and support throughout the year following the School Mental Health Summit.

The following team members are required for the district team:
School District Administration (Superintendent and/or Principal)
School Counselor(s)
School Psychologist

Additional team members may include:
Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (LMHP) or Social Worker (if utilizing)
Elementary teacher
Secondary teacher
Other district personnel involved with CIP/MTSS/ILCD

Registration (register each individual): 


AudienceAudience: School District Administration (Superintendent and/or Principal, School Counselor(s), School Psychologist, LMHP or Social Worker, Elementary Teacher, Secondary teacher, other district personnel involved with CIP/MTSS/ILCD