WorkshopWorkshopCreating the Connections: For Students on the Autism Spectrum
DepartmentDepartmentESU 10 - SPED
Default ContactDefault ContactDenise Neill
Default LocationESU 10 Kearney NE (click here for building map)
DescriptionCreating the Connections: Developing effective social communication programming for students on the Autism Spectrum.

Social communication instruction is an important part of a comprehensive program for students on the Autism Spectrum. This in-service will provide an overview of social communication; from assessment and direct instruction to generalization.

Participants will be able to:
• Connect individualized social-communication instruction to current Tier1 and Tier 2 SEBL interventions
• Compare and contrast direct instruction in social communication vs. indirect learning
• Interpret assessment results to guide program development
• Understand the basics principles around teaching social communication (teach, practice, reinforce)
• Explore resources that may support programming for skill acquisition

Registration Deadline: February 3, 2023

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AudienceAudience: This training is appropriate for teams working with students of all ages and could include resource teachers, SLPs, counselors, school psychologists, general education teachers, parents and administrators