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WorkshopPlay Is Not As Easy As It Looks
DepartmentESU 10 - SPED
Default ContactPolly Hays
Default LocationNorth Platte Buffalo Elem. 1600 N. Buffalo Bill Ave. North Platte NE
DescriptionPresenter(s): Mikki Bohling, SLP-CCC, Christine Suschland, SLP-CCC & Niki Ruda, SLP-CCC

Participants will learn the following about young children with ASD:
* The recognition of core deficits
* The importance of joint attention and strategies for teaching it
* The impact of using ABA techniques
* Strategies to teach object play using simple imitation
* Methods to teach multi-step play schemes
* Implementation of structure in play environments and play activities 

AudienceEarly Childhood Teachers (2 yrs.-8 yrs.), Special Education Teachers, SLP’s, Para Educators, Parents and other staff working with young children with Autism or other Developmental Disabilities.
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