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WorkshopEstablishing Basic Skill Sets for Students with ASD
DepartmentESU 10 - SPED
Default ContactPolly Hays
Default LocationESU 10 Kearney NE - Conference Rooms E & F - South Wing   (click here for building map)
DescriptionPresenter:  Meggin Funk, Western Region ASD Coordinator & Ashley Meyer, BCBA

In order to address the needs of students with Autism who present with limited or
absent tact (labeling) and mand (requesting) repertoires, this training will cover conceptual
skills and protocols necessary to establish basic skills sets for such students. Methods to teach
the value of the earliest social interactions will be reviewed. Content will include specific
teaching strategies relevant to an initial mand repertoire, initial imitation skills, basic listener
responding skills, and early tact responses. A significant focus will be on the process of
establishing early instructional control through shaping and pairing instruction with improving
conditions for the student. Additionally, assessment and instructional practices related to the
use of an object sort process for providing intensive teaching (discrete trial instruction) will be directly taught.

PrerequisitesMust have attended the Intro to Intensive Teaching of Verbal Behavior 3 Day Training
Audienceintended for teams of 2 or more individuals who work with individuals who are on the autism spectrum (Teams members can be: classroom teachers, speech/language pathologists, resource specialists, school psychologists, and other professionals).
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