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  • Add a Grant
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    On this page, you can add new grants into ODIE.  You must enter a grant name and the start and stop dates, but the description of the grant is optional.  You can also add the workshop sections that are going to be using this grant as well as the entities that are currently eligible for the grant.  A thing to note about the entities using grants is that it is district-wide.

  • Add a Workshop
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    A common question with regard to workshops is the difference between workshop and workshop section. A workshop section is an instance or offering of a particular workshop. For example, a college offers Biology 101 (workshop) which is offered each semester (workshop section).

    The Workshop Add page allows workshop managers to create workshops for the entities they manage.  The two required fields are the workshop name and description.  The description is entered using a WYSIWYG HTML editor.  You can even add your own pictures and upload files to the server directly from the editor and then include them in your description.  If the materials fee or the minimum/maximum registrations are left blank, they will simply default to zero.

    If you wish to enter a new default location, simply select “Enter New Location” from the drop down list and enter it into the new text box that appears.  Each location can have a different image associated with it to show the room in which the workshop is being held.  Right now, this is a manual process.  So if you wish to have an image associated with a certain location, send it to me and I will upload it to the server.
  • Add a Workshop Section
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    A common question with regard to workshops is the difference between workshop and workshop section. A workshop section is an instance or offering of a particular workshop. For example, a college offers Biology 101 (workshop) which is offered each semester (workshop section).

    If you go to this page directly without going through the Workshop Details page, you will get a drop down list of all the currently active workshops in your entity.  Simply change the drop down list to the workshop to which you want to add the section and click “Continue”.  The rest of the page will be updated with the default information relevant to that workshop.  You are allowed to change the contact and the location of the workshop but not the entities.  

    If you wish to enter a new default location, simply select “Enter New Location” from the drop down list and enter it into the new text box that appears.

    You can add multiple dates to a single workshop section, but you must have at least one date added before the new workshop section can be created.  

    If you wish to add attachments to your workshop section, that is handled through the WYSIWYG HTML editor in the comments box.

    The default pricing structure in Section Add will use the pricing values from the previous section this workshop had.  If there are no previous workshop sections, then it will use the default price value set up for that particular entity.  You can delete or edit those as you see fit, or add to them by entering in the “Who” and the “Registration Fee” text fields and clicking the “Add Price” button.

    On this page, you can also select the grants that this section will be using.  Simply select the grant from the grant drop down list and click “Add Grant”.

    Workshop managers at the host entity can also add private sections.  This is not applicable for the local workshop entities.  Select the name of the entity in the private section drop down list and click on “Add Private Section”.  

    Remember – if you want your workshop section to have a waiting list, a maximum number of registrations must be entered.  If ODIE will not be managing the registrations, you need to inform people how to register for workshops by filling in the “How to Register” text box.
  • Cancel a Registration
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    1. Click on My Registrations in the Workshops menu.

    2. Click on your registration number in your registration list which will take you to the Workshop Registration Details page.

    3. Click on the link, Cancel my registration.

    4. It may be too close to the workshop date for you to cancel your registration.  If this is the case, please call or email the contact person and let them know that you will not be attending.
  • Cancel a Section
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    The link to Section Cancel appears as a task when you are viewing a section’s details page.  When you cancel a workshop section, it cannot be undone, so make sure you really want to proceed.  If there are people registered for the workshop, it will give you a notice and the opportunity to notify the registrants by e-mail.
  • Edit a Grant
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    In Grant Edit, you can change the details of the grant as well as remove the workshop sections and entities that are using the grant.  Please note that if you remove a workshop section or an entity from a grant, it will remove the grant from all the registrations that were using that grant for that particular workshop section.
  • Edit a Registration
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    This page allows workshop managers to edit the date registered, the dates for which they registered, and the registration comments at any time, however they cannot edit the other fields once it has been billed.  

    Workshop managers can cancel a registration as long as the registration has not been billed.  Users can cancel their registration as long as they do so at least seven days prior to the workshop.  After that, they will need to call a workshop manager and have them cancel their registration.  When a registration is canceled, that person is unregistered for all the section dates, the cost is set to “9999.99”, the materials fee is set to zero, the payment method is reset, and the date billed is set to “12/31/9999.”  End users can re-register by unchecking the “Cancel Registration” check box, which automatically registers them for all the section dates.
  • Manage Registrations
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    This page allows workshop managers to quickly take attendance, apply grants, and modify select details of the registrations en masse.

    From here you can also cancel a person’s registration.  By doing so, that person will no longer be registered for any dates for this workshop section and all the information from that person’s registration will be cleared out, except for the comments box.  If someone has cancelled their registration, you can un-cancel them at any time.  However, once it has been billed, you cannot cancel the registration or change the cost, the materials, the payment method, or the date paid.

    The “Date Paid” check box will only show up when the payment method is “Check or Cash.”  After you make changes on this page, you must click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page in order to commit the changes to the database.  If you wish to go to the registration details for an individual registrant, click on the registration number above their name.

  • Register for a Workshop
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    In order to register for a workshop section, it must be occurring sometime in the future (not the current day or in the past), your school must have authorization to take it (if it is a private workshop) and the workshop cannot be cancelled.
    1. Go to the Section Details page either by clicking on the Section title in the Section list or by clicking on the Section box in the calendar view.

    2. Click on the name of the particular workshop section you wish to attend.

    3. On the Workshop Section Details page, click on Click here to register for this section.

      If the workshop section is more than one day, you will automatically be registered for each day of the workshop section.  If you wish to attend only certain days of a multi-day workshop section, you must call or e-mail the workshop contact person directly and they will be able to assist you.

      If a workshop is full, you can be put on a waiting list so that if someone cancels their registration or if the maximum number of people allowed increases, the workshop contact person can then register you for the workshop.

    4. Select your preferred payment method in the drop-down list and then click on Register for this Workshop.
    5. Once you have completed your registration for the workshop section, ODIE will send a confirmation e-mail to you.
  • Register Somebody Else
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    This page allows users to register for a workshop section.  Workshop managers can register anyone for any workshops that are in the entities they manage.  Workshop managers are also allowed to change the date registered and, in the case of a multiple-day workshop, which days the registrant will be attending, but they must select at least one day.  This is where the cost, the payment method, and the materials fee are set.  You can select a default price from the drop down list, but that will simply put in that value into the “Cost” text box and you can change it from there.  It does not remember what you selected for the pricing; it is just a way to help you manage the cost.  

    A new feature of ODIE is the ability to add grants to a workshop registration.  For a registrant to qualify for a grant, the grant must first be associated with the workshop section itself and an entity to which the registrant belongs.  If both of those conditions are met, the grant will automatically appear and will default to being applied to the registration.  If you do not want to have that grant applied to that particular registration, simply uncheck “Applied”.  In addition, if there are any grants that are applicable for that particular registrant, the payment method will automatically be selected to “Grant/Consortium”.

    End users are not allowed to select the date they register.  It just defaults to the actual date they register, and they are not allowed to select which dates they will attend.  If they wish to register for only one of the dates, they need to contact a workshop manager and have them change it.  After an end user has registered, the cost will be set to “$9999.99” and a workshop manager will need to change that before billing can occur.  When an end user registers for a section, they are eligible to use a grant.  The grant will automatically be selected and applied to that registration.  If the grant is added after the registration has taken place, you will need to manually edit the registration to include the grant.
Workshop Details
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Registration List for all this Workshop's Sections
WorkshopBlending Technology and Improving Instruction
DepartmentESU 10 - T&L
Default ContactEmily Jameson
Default LocationConference Rooms E & F - South Wing   (click here for building map)
Description“For educators eligible to receive Title II-A Consortia funds, participation in this event may be used toward a total of 5 days of non-contract time training and/or a maximum of $500.00.”

Participants will be able to independently use their learning to design and deliver high-quality courses/units in a blended learning environment. We will learn to use "Understanding by Design" (UbD), which is a framework for improving student achievement.

UbD uses a backward design approach by focusing first on identifying desired outcomes, then determining appropriate assessments, and lastly, planning relevant, effective and engaging learning experiences both in the classroom and online. Participants will use Moodle and other collaborative technology tools in conjunction with UbD to create a blended learning experience.

Materials RequiredUnderstanding by Design: 2nd Edition and The Understanding by Design Guide to Creating High-Quality Unitsg