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REGISTRATION POLICY: Registration deadline is one week prior to workshop unless otherwise noted. Cancellations not received 2 business days in advance and no-shows will be billed.

Workshop SectionNWEA Regional Workshop ESU 9, 10 & 11 ~ January 11, 2019
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DepartmentESU 10 - T&L
Primary ContactDenise O'Brien
Facilitator(s)Kelly Clapp, Jeff Janda, Theresa Ritta-Olson

Sessions led by ESU 9, 10 and 11 NWEA Certified Facilitators, Dan Henderson, NWEA Account Manager and Tim Neville, NWEA Senior Professional Learning Consultant

Breakout Sessions Include:

--MAP for High Schools:  Using data at the high school level is directionally different than using data at younger grades. This session will share appropriate MAP data uses for high school staff related to issues such as: 1) setting growth targets, 2) using CCR benchmarks, 3) aligning instruction, and 4) making the most of the math end of course assessments.

--MAP Growth K-2:  This campfire session will be focused on discussing how each district is utilizing MAP Growth in the primary grades.

--Growth Metrics: In this session we will review how student and school growth projections are created, why they are reasonable, and begin to answer the question, “What is good growth?”

--Using the NE Balanced Assessment System:  Learn how the Nebraska Balanced Assessment System works.  We will explore the role of Testwiz, MAP Growth and NSCAS Summative for classroom and school-wide decision-making.

--NSCAS & MAP Growth Reports:  Learn how to read, interpret and use NSCAS and MAP Growth reports for instructional decision making.

--Student Profile:  Learn about the new and improved profile and how to use it with parents  and teachers to share user friendly data to guide instruction and with students to set goals,  see their ACT predictions and use their lexile score.  

--Goal Setting:  In this session we will use the Student Profile Report to take action on the question, What is good growth for this student?  Participants will be asked to consider the reasonable number of RIT points growth and the instruction, skills and concepts that will make that growth happen.

--Improving Academic Achievement One Goal at a Time: Learn how Elwood Public Schools is using MAP data to help students set academic improvement goals, and leveraging IXL to provide differentiated instruction in order to maximize learning for all students.

--Rostering Tips and Tricks:  Rostering students has been the bane of online testing. This session will be a QNA of best practices for rostering students for MAP Growth. There will be some new information regarding making this process smoother and more efficient. Bring your ideas and questions.

--Support Resources for Leaders:  Let’s explore some go-to resources and documents to help you as the leader support teachers in building understanding of MAP growth data and how to use reports within the online system.

--Using MAP for CIP:  Investigate MAP reports that can assist district and school leadership teams in the continuous improvement process.

--MAP Reading Fluency:
 Broken Bow Elementary School started using the MAP Reading Fluency Assessment in the Fall of 2018.  Participants will learn the how the assessment is administered and how to use the data to inform instructional decisions.
--Student Profile (connect to Learning Continuum & Lexile):  The student profile is connected to the learning continuum - Learn about how to use the LC and Lexile to guide instruction with students.

--Formative Assessment- Assessment FOR Learning:
  How can assessment inform and drive instruction within the classroom?  Come and learn how to maximize instructional time by targeting instruction to where students are now and where we want them to be when the walk out the door today, tomorrow and by the end of the week.

LocationESU 10 Kearney NE (click here for building map)
StatusThis section is currently full, but there is a waiting list.
101 Registered
30 Minimum; 96 Maximum; 1 Waiting; 105 Lunch Count
Section Date(s)
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 January 11, 2019      9:00 AM       2:15PM  

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AudienceK-12 Teachers, Administrators, Curriculum Directors and Counselors
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 ESU 9, 10, & 11 Participants      $20.00  No 
 Other Participants      $35.00  No 

Materials Fee$0.00
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  Title II-A 2017-2018       October 01, 2017      September 30, 2018 

LunchYes, lunch is provided.
College CreditNo, this section can NOT be taken for college credit.
AQuESTT tenet - Positive Partnerships Relationships & Student Success  AQuESTT tenet - College and Career Ready  AQuESTT tenet - Assessment  AQuESTT tenet - Educator Effectiveness
CommentsRegistration deadline is one week prior to workshop.  Cancellations not received 2 business days in advance will be billed the workshop fee.

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