Help Item: Register Somebody Else
How do IRegister Somebody Else

This page allows users to register for a workshop section.  Workshop managers can register anyone for any workshops that are in the entities they manage.  Workshop managers are also allowed to change the date registered and, in the case of a multiple-day workshop, which days the registrant will be attending, but they must select at least one day.  This is where the cost, the payment method, and the materials fee are set.  You can select a default price from the drop down list, but that will simply put in that value into the “Cost” text box and you can change it from there.  It does not remember what you selected for the pricing; it is just a way to help you manage the cost.  

A new feature of ODIE is the ability to add grants to a workshop registration.  For a registrant to qualify for a grant, the grant must first be associated with the workshop section itself and an entity to which the registrant belongs.  If both of those conditions are met, the grant will automatically appear and will default to being applied to the registration.  If you do not want to have that grant applied to that particular registration, simply uncheck “Applied”.  In addition, if there are any grants that are applicable for that particular registrant, the payment method will automatically be selected to “Grant/Consortium”.

End users are not allowed to select the date they register.  It just defaults to the actual date they register, and they are not allowed to select which dates they will attend.  If they wish to register for only one of the dates, they need to contact a workshop manager and have them change it.  After an end user has registered, the cost will be set to “$9999.99” and a workshop manager will need to change that before billing can occur.  When an end user registers for a section, they are eligible to use a grant.  The grant will automatically be selected and applied to that registration.  If the grant is added after the registration has taken place, you will need to manually edit the registration to include the grant.