Help Item: Manage Registrations
How do IManage Registrations

This page allows workshop managers to quickly take attendance, apply grants, and modify select details of the registrations en masse.

From here you can also cancel a person’s registration.  By doing so, that person will no longer be registered for any dates for this workshop section and all the information from that person’s registration will be cleared out, except for the comments box.  If someone has cancelled their registration, you can un-cancel them at any time.  However, once it has been billed, you cannot cancel the registration or change the cost, the materials, the payment method, or the date paid.

The “Date Paid” check box will only show up when the payment method is “Check or Cash.”  After you make changes on this page, you must click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page in order to commit the changes to the database.  If you wish to go to the registration details for an individual registrant, click on the registration number above their name.