Help Item: Add a Workshop Section
How do IAdd a Workshop Section

A common question with regard to workshops is the difference between workshop and workshop section. A workshop section is an instance or offering of a particular workshop. For example, a college offers Biology 101 (workshop) which is offered each semester (workshop section).

If you go to this page directly without going through the Workshop Details page, you will get a drop down list of all the currently active workshops in your entity.  Simply change the drop down list to the workshop to which you want to add the section and click “Continue”.  The rest of the page will be updated with the default information relevant to that workshop.  You are allowed to change the contact and the location of the workshop but not the entities.  

If you wish to enter a new default location, simply select “Enter New Location” from the drop down list and enter it into the new text box that appears.

You can add multiple dates to a single workshop section, but you must have at least one date added before the new workshop section can be created.  

If you wish to add attachments to your workshop section, that is handled through the WYSIWYG HTML editor in the comments box.

The default pricing structure in Section Add will use the pricing values from the previous section this workshop had.  If there are no previous workshop sections, then it will use the default price value set up for that particular entity.  You can delete or edit those as you see fit, or add to them by entering in the “Who” and the “Registration Fee” text fields and clicking the “Add Price” button.

On this page, you can also select the grants that this section will be using.  Simply select the grant from the grant drop down list and click “Add Grant”.

Workshop managers at the host entity can also add private sections.  This is not applicable for the local workshop entities.  Select the name of the entity in the private section drop down list and click on “Add Private Section”.  

Remember – if you want your workshop section to have a waiting list, a maximum number of registrations must be entered.  If ODIE will not be managing the registrations, you need to inform people how to register for workshops by filling in the “How to Register” text box.