Help Item: Add a Workshop
How do IAdd a Workshop

A common question with regard to workshops is the difference between workshop and workshop section. A workshop section is an instance or offering of a particular workshop. For example, a college offers Biology 101 (workshop) which is offered each semester (workshop section).

The Workshop Add page allows workshop managers to create workshops for the entities they manage.  The two required fields are the workshop name and description.  The description is entered using a WYSIWYG HTML editor.  You can even add your own pictures and upload files to the server directly from the editor and then include them in your description.  If the materials fee or the minimum/maximum registrations are left blank, they will simply default to zero.

If you wish to enter a new default location, simply select “Enter New Location” from the drop down list and enter it into the new text box that appears.  Each location can have a different image associated with it to show the room in which the workshop is being held.  Right now, this is a manual process.  So if you wish to have an image associated with a certain location, send it to me and I will upload it to the server.